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Shantonr has always adhered to the concept of realizing the value marketing of the whole network, taking data output as the core, combining multiple key points such as brand marketing, content optimization, creative design, technical advantages, etc., to provide customers with comprehensive digital innovation services, taking Beijing as the headquarters, and establishing branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hangzhou. At present, there are more than 200 employees, integrating network brand services in an all-round way, Help traditional enterprises realize the transformation and upgrading of the Internet.


Shantonr Related Fields

We will be dedicated to helping you succeed at every step of design and development, ensuring that you have all the services you need at any stage of your journey.

App design

APP and Mini Program UI Design

Web design

UI design for enterprise official website

Software interface design

Application software and large screen UI design

Website development

Creating a brand exclusive customized website


Having mature 3D design solutions

Mobile applications

hybrid Android system development technology


The complete solutionSHANTONR is committed to providing you with a reliable solution

Our team starts from reality in every aspect, with an international perspective and standards, just to present a unique you and meet the needs of users to have different experiences on different terminals with the same data and website.

We believe that every enterprise has a strong demand for innovation, which drives us to create more vivid and emotional products.

Customized development

Design and build personalized software and applications based on the specific needs and requirements of customers.


Design and optimization are key hubs for the interaction between users and products, and we can provide a more intuitive and effective user experience.

Visual design style guidance

By providing creative solutions and design guidelines, establish a unique and consistent visual image for the enterprise.

Technical Support

SHANTONR can help you achieve your goals by contacting our website support team directly and getting help whenever you need it.


We focus on creating stunning interface designs that integrate aesthetics and functionality, providing users with an immersive interactive experience and helping your brand stand out in the digital world.


User research

Analyze requirements, trends, competitiveness, and other aspects based on specific project requirements in order to provide appropriate solutions.

Interaction design

Centered on the user, design and define system behavior to enable multiple interactive parts to express usability through smooth connections.

Visual&Dynamic Effects

Empowering the product with spirituality and beauty from the artist's perspective, complemented by dynamic effects, ensuring both comfort and fun while ensuring timely feedback.

UI specification construction

Based on a rigorous system framework, organize and limit design elements, establish unified interaction rules and brand vision, improve design efficiency, and continue design language.

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Shantonr is recognized as one of the most professional and responsible technology companies in the industry. Based on talent and technology, our carefully crafted products and services can help businesses around the world easily realize brand value.

Love to explore and brainstorm

We will bring together clear and bold ideas, unleashing new ideas in design and dialogue, and exploring higher-level creativity.

Software&Design Information

SHANTONR is always mindful of its mission, constantly iterating and upgrading with industry information in multiple directions, constantly evolving powerful features as customers' business needs change, to effectively meet the multiple needs of users.


Technology and Docker

Resource isolation technology has continued to develop to the early 21st century. Namespace, Ipc, Cgroup and other resource isolation technologies have joined the Linux kernel, forming a kernel standard LXC container technology.


IT industry leads in GDP growth

The GDP growth rate of information transmission, software and information technology service industry (hereinafter referred to as IT industry) has always ranked first, and is far higher than that of other industries.


Cms break the situation

Cms manufacturers should closely follow the Internet traffic portal and provide corresponding functions and solutions to adapt to the new Internet environment, which is the product needed by real users.

Awards and recognition

Recognized as one of the most professional and responsible technology companies in the industry, our products and services help small and medium enterprises around the world build web sites and enhance customer brand value, to help customers improve the actual benefits.

Enterprise Certificate
Beijing special new enterprise
Several expo leading scientific and technological achievements award
Cloud Award for most innovative SaaS products
China small and medium-sized enterprise information products award
China Industry Information Innovation Best Product Award of the year

Everything Flows

Society is actively undergoing changes, and in the era of driving business, there has been a qualitative change in user expectations for products and services, requiring enterprises to continuously and effectively explore the evolution of user needs. Shantonr, with the concept of global integration experience and profound industry understanding, integrates scenarios, users, and experience management to form a healthy business cycle system, empowering enterprises to break through future trends.